• Books and Materials

    Students should check out a copy of the textbook from the bookstore for use at home. I will maintain a set of the textbooks in the classroom for use during the class period.

    In addition to the textbook, students can register online to connectEd.mcgraw-hill.com to find more resources to study.

    Students will be using rulers, protractors, and compasses. A limited number of these items are available in the classroom for their use, but students should obtain and bring them to class for their personal use. They will also need a pencil, a pen, a red pen, a dry erase marker and a little rag to wipe off the whiteboard, pocket folder for handouts, binder, ruled paper, and graph paper. Note-taking and critical thinking skills are important and will be stressed daily. Class notes for each section will be available at the class web-site the day after that material is covered in class for students who are absent.

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