Library Expectations

  • Values

    Here at Copper Creek we value the "Freedom of Reading." What this means is that you have the right to read anything you are interested in reading. During the new school year orientation, students are reminded to have tolerance towards others who are different then them, this also applies to differences in reading choices. We are not all going to have the same taste in books. Read what you love!


    Rules & Expectations

    The Library is a special place to visit. Students earn the privilege to visit the Library by following the Library Rules and Expectations.


    • Enter the Library quietly
    • No Food or Drinks Allowed
    • Use shelfmarker when looking for books
    • Be patient, wait in line quietly until it's your turn
    • Please read to yourself quietly
    • Be safe and do not tip chairs when sitting down
    • Give Librarian your full attention
    • Wait to be excused from your table
    • Push your chair in before you leave your table
    • Reading Room is available to grades 3-5 with teacher present


    • Be kind and respectful to others
    • Look at the voice level chart and use your "library voice"
    • Wait your turn at check out
    • Use walking feet
    • Leave the library nice and neat, the way we found it
    • Treat all reading materials and computers with care
    • Return books on time