Environmental Science

    The framework for the classes is determined by the teacher and covers many different topics.

    Topics Include: Scientific Method, water usage (project WET) and adaptations of desert vegetation and animals, Fungi, Plants, Invertebrates, Vertebrates, Ecology, mining, environmental changes that go along with changes occurring on Earth.

    Problem solving, critical thinking skills with hands on labs are the foundation of this course to spark interests in students.

    Environmental science class is a hands on, 21st century skills lab based learning experience. Students get into groups and share ideas on different environmental issues and or concerns and then apply them to real world situations with real world consequences. Most of the focus is about the Sonoran desert and areas of Arizona. Students explore their own Eco footprint along with ways to reduce their everyday habits to decrease impacts on the environment. This class will provide different points of view and a chance to voice their personal concerns affecting our environment here in Tucson.