• To reinforce what we cover in class and to increase your child's growing responsibility, your child will have homework Monday through Friday every week. Our class will be using a daily assignment planner which will outline the homework your child is expected to complete each night. The homework should take about 40-60 minutes to complete.

    Thirty minutes of silent or oral reading on a nightly basis, as part of your child's daily homework, is expected. Reading Logs are due every Monday.

    By fifth grade, your child should be able to finish sets of 100 addition, 100 subtraction, 100 multiplication, and 100 division facts, with at least 80% accuracy in five minutes or less. If your child is unable to do this, he or she will need to study their math facts nightly.

    Students may have additional assignments to complete at home that were not finished in class, and these are also written down in the assignment books. It is your child's responsibility to make sure homework is completed and turned in on time. Additionally, it is his/her responsibility to bring you anything that needs a parent signature, including the Planner.

    Assignments must be completed by the due date. All student work is checked off on a large, visible chart as it is completed. Your child will be immediately aware of missing work and will be held responsible for completing it.

    If your child is absent he/she will have the opportunity to make up the work. For every day absent he/she will have one day to make up the work. For example, if your child is absent two days, he/she will have the two days to hand in his/her work. If there is a problem in completing the missing work due to illness we can work out the details and set goals together.

    Please know that I encourage my students to come in before school Monday-Friday at 7:15am if they need help with an assignment.