• All notes need to be written and signed by a parent or doctor.  Please also supply BOTH a phone number and an email address at which I can reach the parent to discuss the note if needed.  Believe it or not, I have been given forged notes so I do make it a habit to randomly call or email parents.  If there is no email and phone number on the note, I will return the note and give the student an un-excused grade of zero for the day until they return a note with this information. I will, however, still honor the note and allow the student to sit out of the daily activity.

    Health and physical activity should be a daily concern for both students and parents of those students.  The adolescent years are vital in the development of life long habits and health traits.  Therefore, it is important to either be physically active each day or learning about physical activity and health each day.  As a PE teacher, I have been handed many notes explaining to me why a student can’t participate in PE.  When students give me a note from their parents or doctor, I always respect these requests.  In the same regard, I also would like to give students the benefit of the doubt and when they come to me and explain why they can’t participate for the day, I give them this option as well because they know their bodies better then I do.

    Since physical activity and health are such a major concern at these crucial years of development, parents need to do all they can to guide students in a healthy direction in regard to activity and decision making.  I want to do my part as a PE teacher and support healthy lifestyle and habits.  With this being said, when a student has a note from a doctor or a note from a parent, I would like students to supplement their time missed in PE with a reading and writing assignment relating to health and physical activity.  The same thing goes for when a student approaches me and asks to be excused from the day’s activity without a note. (In this case, a note will be required from the parents to be handed in when the student returns). The "Alternate PE Assignement" will need to be completed regardless of the reason for non-participation. A grade of Incomplete will be put in the grade book.  The student will have one day to complete the alternate PE assignment to replace this grade.

    If a student knows, because they have a note from the doctor or parent, that they will be missing the activity in PE for the day, I would like them to come to class with the assignment already complete.  However, this is not mandatory but more of a request so I can review with them what they read.  Students will not be excused from learning for the day because they have a note.  Students will be allowed one day to complete the assignment otherwise the grade of incomplete will remain in the grade book unless the assignment is completed.