• Instructions:

    Find a health related website with articles related to health and fitness. After you have selected an article that is interesting to you, read it.  The article must be about health and fitness and may not be about a game summary.  The article needs to be between one full page and three pages long.

    Write a brief summary about what you read.  This must be hand writen.  This paragraph should be at least five sentences long. This will be your first of two paragraphs.

    Write a second paragraph answer the following questions in paragraph form.  Each answer should be approximately two sentences.  This too must be hand writen.

    • What stood out to you most about the article?
    • How can you apply what you read in your daily life?
    • If you apply what you read, how will it affect you in the future?

    Students will be expected to get the assignment done on their own time.  Students are able to use computer labs in the library during their lunchtime to print the article if needed.  Once the assignment is completed, the grade of ZERO will be changed in the grade book to represent a completed assignment for the day.