• What is expected of me in this class?

    1. Be present. You are expected to be fully awake and aware, engaged in the lesson or activity taking place. Turn off all electronic devices (Ipods, cell phones, MP3 players) before coming into class. Any devices out during class must be “bagged” and “tagged”. You will receive them back at the end of class.  “Grooming” in class is unacceptable. Please do not have make-up, brushes, combs, perfume, cologne or other accessories out during class time.
    2. Be respectful-of your peers, your school, and your classroom. Behave in a way that will build a sense of classroom unity and trust.
    3. Be a team player- Every team is only as strong as its weakest player.  We work as a team every day.  When you arrive in class, be prepared to push your classmates, and expect them to push you. Giving up is not an option. Our team is going to do great things this year!

    What are the consequences if I behave inappropriately?

    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Conference
    3. Phone Call Home
    4. Referral

    What will we be learning this year?

    This year will expose you to fundamental algebraic concepts including but not limited to: equations, inequalities, functions (linear, exponential, quadratic), sequences, systems of equations, data analysis, polynomials, and real number systems. You will be learning through individual and group activities as well as using the Cognitive Tutor component in the computer lab.

    What should I do if I need help?

    Plan on attending tutoring immediately! Teachers are available in the library after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Remember to bring your notes from class and any assignments you are working on.  Extra practice can be found in the binder under the bulletin boards.

    What should I do if I’m tardy or absent?

    If you are tardy, sign in and take your seat right away. I begin class when the bell rings, so it is important that you not disrupt the learning that is taking place.  Be sure to turn in any homework to the inbox at the end of the period.  The school wide tardy policy will be enforced in this class.

    If you are absent, you have one week to make up any missing work. Check the calendar and binder on the side of the classroom to find what assignments were missed.  It is your responsibility to find out what make-up work you need to do.  An absence does NOT excuse you from a test or quiz.  Any assessments that are missed must be made up within the next week outside of class time.

    **Please note that the school wide tardy policy now states that a student who arrives more than 5 minutes late to class must be marked absent. All students with more than nine absences must make up hours or risk losing credit for the course.

    What do I bring to class every day?

    -3 ring binder with sections for bell work/class work, class notes, and assignments. You will be expected to keep the current chapter of our text in your binder.

    -Loose leaf paper or notebook for taking notes and completing assignments

    -Sharpened pencils with erasers.

    -Highlighter/colored pen or pencil

    How will my grade be calculated?

    Tests: 40%

    Tests are your opportunity to show me everything that you know.  It is important that you are in class and prepared for all tests.  You will be notified of all tests at least two days in advance.

    Quizzes: 20%

    Quizzes provide you and me with valuable data in the middle of a unit regarding your progress and understanding of the material.  You should expect at least one quiz in every unit, as well as weekly homework quizzes.  Cognitive Tutor scores are also included in this section.

    Assignments: 10%

    Assignments will be assigned daily.  This is your opportunity to practice concepts taught in class.  It should be done neatly, in pencil, and have all work shown for each problem.  Homework is expected to be completed by the start of the period it is due.  Partial credit may be awarded for homework turned in late.  However, no assignments will be accepted for a unit after the final assessment.

    Bell work/Class work: 10%

    Bell work is done at the start of each class period.  All bell work for the week is turned in on Friday.  Class work is expected to be turned in by the end of the class period and often will be your ‘ticket’ out of class.  Similar to homework, this should be done neatly, in pencil, with all work shown.

    Final Exam: 20%

    The district final exam is worth 20% of your grade and is given on the last day of the semester.  You will be given more specific study tools when we near the end of the semester.

    Grades will be updated weekly and are available for viewing on Tyler. Letter grades will be calculated based on the following scale:

    90%-100% = A

    80%-89% = B

    70%-79% = C

    60%-69% = D

    59% or lower = F

    What happens if I cheat, copy, or plagiarize another student’s work?

    If a student plagiarizes, copies, cheats, or violates protocol on any quiz, test, or assignment, the respective work will be entered in the grade book as a 'zero' and will not be able to be made up. It's not worth it, so don't do it.