• Syllabus for Online Instruction

    Scope and Sequence


    Andreli Steiniger-Amphi High School




    I am very excited to have you in my Spanish for Native Speakers I class and I am looking forward to the upcoming year! I need your cooperation and understanding regarding my rules and policies in order to have the most successful year possible.


    Required Supplies:

    Tu Mundo Textbook

    Notebook for notes

    Pen/pencil daily.

    Loose leaf paper everyday(This is very important and you must always have it with you throughout the year)


    Course Objectives:

    In Spanish for Native Speakers I, we will explore Spanish-speaking world cultures, emphasizing the complexities, similarities and differences among the 21 Spanish-speaking countries. The students will receive specialized instruction and have access to materials that will build upon their existing language competencies while fostering their bilingualism. Students will develop better language skills with activities that incorporate reading, writing, spelling, and vocabulary. We will also study the culture, literature, and history of the Spanish-speaking world.


    Grading Policy: I use a weighted graded system in these categories:






    Grading Scale:              A= 100-90

                                         B=   89-80

                                         C=   79-70      

                                          D=   69-60

                                         F=   59 and below


    Since most of the work is done in class attendance is critical. Points can be made up for excused absences; however they can be deducted for unexcused absences, tardies, class disruptions or being unprepared for class.


    Late work/Make up work: Unless you have an EXCUSED absence, I do not accept late homework. If you are absent the day an assignment is due you must bring it to me the day you get back. If you are absent when work is assigned, it is your responsibility to come to me to ask about make-up homework. If you miss class, please copy the notes from one of your classmates.

    Follow these rules for success in class:

    1. 1. I expect a positive attitude from all my students, there should be no negativity in the classroom towards anybody or anything.
    2. 2. I expect each and every one of you to display RESPECT towards others, the class and yourself. No food, gum or drinks are allowed in classroom, only water bottles.
    3. Make sure all comments and words used in class are positive and encouraging towards others. Any remarks making fun of, mimicking or mocking another person’s race, religion, lifestyle choices, etc, will not be tolerated.
    4. School policy states that cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off during instructional time and therefore I expect them to be put away. If I see a cell phone or other devices during class time (whether or not it is on) I WILL TAKE IT AWAY and you can pick it up after school. You will also lose participation points which would affect grade.
    5. 5. Class starts when the bell rings and I expect students to be in their seats, otherwise you will be considered tardy. Be prepared and ready to work with all your materials and homework.
    6. It is up to my discretion as to when you may use a hall pass. If I feel like privileges are being abused, they will be revoked.


    This is going to be a great year! Spanish for Native Speakers 1 is very fun and I will do my best to make sure you succeed and love Spanish as much as I do. If you or your parents have any questions the best way to reach me is through email. I am generally available before school at 7:15 a.m. and after school until 3:45 p.m for any extra help, questions, concerns you may have.









    Andreli Steiniger






    After looking over the syllabus, please sign below and return to me for your first 15 participation points. ¡Gracias!


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