•  Our Mission:

    To ensure high levels of learning for every student so they can achieve their dreams and positively impact the world. 


    Be Safe

    Be Responsible 

    Be Respectful

    Be Kind

    We Believe:

    • All children are entitled to an education, which will prepare them for their future.
    • All children have the right to feel successful.
    • The school and community share the responsibility of developing positive work, social, and personal ethics in all children.
    • Education best occurs in an environment that nurtures dignity, self-esteem, and a feeling of security.
    • Communication is essential if quality education is to occur.
    • The school community needs to promote an understanding for individual, cultural, and societal differences.
    • High expectations encourage students to work toward a higher level of achievement.
    • Schools must address environmental, societal and technological changes.
    • Education is a life-long process.
    • All children are natural learners.
    • Education is the combined responsibility of the students, parents, teachers, and the community.
    • School decisions must reflect what is best for students.
    • In developing the whole child, which includes consistent, quality instruction in Music, Art, and Physical Education.
    • The responsibility for one's education and action needs to be accepted by each student.
    • That respect is an essential value.