• Harelson's Mission

    The mission of Harelson Elementary, as a community dedicated to excellence, is to ensure a sound academic foundation and empower our students to become self-directed, responsible, innovative, life-long learners by providing a safe, challenging, educational environment established with active partnerships among staff, family, and community.


    We Believe

    1. Education is a fundamental tool for the advancement of humanity.
    2. The foundation of an educational program is to develop student’s mind, body, creativity and character.
    3. Education promotes positive self-esteem, individuality, and respect for differences in people and society.
    4. Each child has the right to learn in his or her most effective way to achieve educational success.
    5. Learning is a life-long interactive process. Education is a shared responsibility of child, home, school and community.
    6. Teamwork enhances education by valuing group as well as individual efforts.
    7. Education is critical for participation in a democratic society.
    8. Safety and self-discipline are critical to the learning process.