• Holaway Elementary School



    Readiness - Responsibility - Respect - Resilience

    The mission of the Holaway Elementary School Community is  to provide an exemplary education in a safe, caring environment that inspires academic sucess through readiness, responsibility, respect, and resilience.

    The Coyote Code

    Among the most important advances in student discipline procedures over the past decade is recognition of the need for school-wide behavior support systems. Historically, discipline in schools has been driven by attention to specific children with problem behaviors. This continues to be an essential component of school policy; however, a major advance has occurred through recent efforts to define proactive, school-wide systems of support. The goals of school-wide systems are to define, teach, and sup-port appropriate behaviors in a way that establishes a culture of competence within schools. When a competent culture is established the students are more likely to support appropriate behavior and discourage inappropriate behavior by their peers.