• There are many factors to consider when choosing a university, such as size and location of the campus, cost, degree programs, extra-curricular activities, and other opportunities like study abroad programs. Begin researching schools early, certainly by your junior year, and use collegeboard.org to help you with this process. If possible, visit the campus, or campuses, that you think you might want to attend. See the "College Planning" page for more information.

    It isn't too early to become "college ready" - Click the link to find out more information. College Readiness 

    Vocational, Trade and/or Technical Schools

    Vocational schools, sometimes called trade or technical schools, provide students with job-specific training. Most programs last approximately two years. Some technical schools also offer the opportunity to earn a Bachelor's degree. Consider the following when researching these schools:

    • Placement Rate: How many graduates are actually placed in their career field?   
    • Student Completion Rate/Graduation Rate: Find out how many students actually complete their programs.
    • Facilities: Are the facilities up-to-date? Avoid schools with out-dated facilities and equipment.
    • Is the school accredited? (This means the school is doing things, "by the book" so to speak.)
    • Services: What “extras” does the school offer? Is there a career guidance office? If so, will they assist you in finding employment or internships once you’ve graduated?
    • Tuition/Fees: How much will it cost to attend the program? Are there any hidden fees? Is financial assistance available to you? How much aid is comprised of loans?
      WARNING: Some for-profit schools have recently been in the news and might lose accreditation for NOT providing adequate instruction and curriculum.

    Click here for the AzCIS list of Arizona's Technical and Trade Schools


    Apprenticeships provide on-the-job training that help to prepare exceptional workers for Arizona’s industry. Arizona has more than 100 registered apprenticeship programs in such industries as agriculture, forestry, and fishing; mining; construction; manufacturing; transportation, communications, electric, gas, and sanitary
    services; services; and public administration.
    Click here for resources from the U.S. Department of Labor
    Click here for Arizona's DES Apprenticeship Office


    The Armed Services provides vocational skills training to succeed in one of the many military occupations in return for a commitment of time. Because the career, training, and educational opportunities are different for each branch of the military, students who are interested, should talk to recruiters representing different military branches. For more information on a military service option, see a local recruiter or go to one of the military websites:
    Air Force
    US Coast Guard
    Air National Guard
    Army National Guard

    Community College

    A variety of students attend community college. Some students are current high school students taking classes toward graduation, others are working toward an Associates' degree or other vocational programs, and other students attend community college to complete general education classes before transferring to a four-year university.

    Click here for a list of all of our in-state community colleges.

    AZTranfer How universities work together with community colleges.