• anne Little Anne

    Greetings, 2022 In-person Nighthawks!

    This year I am teaching AP Psych, Psych I/II, Government AND Economics.

    For now, at least for the first quarter, I am creating Google classrooms where I will post the weekly topics, assignments, outlines and maybe notes on occasion. Unless everything goes haywire again, I am planning to go "Old School" with pencil and paper assessments in class. I even have an overhead projector. Yup. You won't be submitting work through Google classroom; it'll be information only.  Please use your amphi email to join your class.

    The codes are:

    1st period AP Psych: t6di4mb

    2nd period Psych I: n6pdgmf

    3rd period Psych I: mzeogin

    4th period AP Psych: icvyvdq

    5th period Gov/Econ: 7uqigcc

    6th period Gov/Econ: yep45pq


    AP & Psych I/II syllabus

     Government syllabus