• anne

    **************Friday, March 27 UPDATE************

    Nearly all of you have joined the Google classroom classes. YAY YOU! Since we are going to start assessing you with the idea of assigning grades, if you know someone who has me for a class and hasn't joined, can you contact them and tell them to get the class code here and join? Thank you!

    IF YOU CAN'T JOIN, MAKE SURE YOU'RE USING YOUR @student.amphi.com ACCOUNT. Personal accounts don't work.

    The time has come for me to learn something new! Google Classroom. I'm pretty sure I can do this, but 1000 apologies in advance......just to start. Please go to Google Classroom and using your .student.amphi.com email/ID, use the following codes to join your class online. Please join your period's class only because I need to keep you in class formation. Please disregard the other email I sent via Tyler. I have deleted those classes because we cannot and should not use our personal G-mail accounts for school. If we did, you'd see which food chopper I'm looking at on Amazon and then you would know the full extent of how boring I am. 

    Class Codes to join:

    1st period AP Psych: nze4n27

    2nd period AP Psych: zj64ila

    3rd period AP Psych: njsvhqv

    4th period Government: luhrfxv

    5th period Government: uamp67g

    6th period US History: qqe2hos