Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

    Amphitheater Schools have innovative teachers who help prepare all students for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century economy.  Industry surveys show that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) related jobs will significantly increase over the next decade.  Our students will be ready.  We have STEM education at all grade levels.

    Aspiring scientists and engineers take elective classes through an exciting curriculum called Project Lead the Way (PLTW). Through hands-on, project-based learning, students make connections between what they learn in school to the outside world.


    Welcome to Coronado STEM and Engineering/Robotics

    Currently, we have two separate classes that address the need for STEM education. Once class is called STEM and the other is Engineering and Robotics. The STEM class is taught by Mr. Basurto and the Engineering and Robotics class is taught by Mrs. Marlatt.  We will sometimes do similar activities. Both classes have a similar layout, in which the first semester is spent working on the engineering design process as well as utilizing princilpes of design and modeling. The second semester is robotics in which we will use various platforms to leanr how to build and code robots. We try very hard to build on the students prior knowledge no matter what class they are in and how many times they have taken it :) .



    This class utilizes the Project Lead The Way (PLTW) curriculum. We will use AutoCad and 3D printing to learn all about design and modeling.  In our second semester, we will begin our Automation and Robotics content.  We will utilize the VEX Cortex crriculum and RobotC programming.



    The engineering and robotics class focuses in the first semester to learn the engineering design process to complete challenges.  We strive to learn not only what engineers are and what they do, but also, how do we use the engineering design process to successfully complete missions within the constraints.  It is very hands on and collaborative.  We will spend the second semester on robotics.  We have a unique opportunity in AMPHI with our underwater ROV (remotely operated vehilces) materials.  Students will learn basics of electrical engineering and building with materials such as PVC.  They will create a company to meet the needs of the consumer and then will design and build their robot from scratch.  They will then compete in a regional competition at the University of Arizona.  This is the second year for ths program to be in outhern Arizona, and in our first year, we won first place!  We look to keep the trophy at Coronado!


    Glitter Skulls

    Pictured is one of our robots completing the tasks at our competition and our wining team the "Glitter Skulls."

    At the end of the year, students get to design, build, and program VEX IQ robots. It is a lot of material to fit into one year, but we will have a lot of fun doing it.


    This is a great introduction to many fields of engineering and a great collaboration of all of the divisions of STEM education.