• Update 3/29

    This week we are going to move slowly as we get used to this new, on line format of school, but we are definitely going to get back to learning about new and important things, as well as review some of the topics we were studying before spring break.

    We will certainly be working on line for the next two weeks, from 3/30 – 4/10. If, in order to promote public health, we are still required to stay home after that, we will of course continue with this format. We will start with fairly simple objectives (power points, videos, etc.) but will progress to more involved activities (virtual labs, research projects, etc.) if we must continue on line for an extended period.

    For the first week (3/30 – 4/3) we will be reviewing our introduction to the cell cycle (covered before spring break) but also taking a more detailed look at the two different types of cell cycles, one involving mitosis and one involving meiosis. Much information relevant to our next unit on genetics will be introduced here.

    Students will have mandatory assignments but will also be informed of supplemental readings and videos if they would like enrichment of our topics. Textbook pages will be supplied for each topic, but reading will not be required (although each student should have a textbook at home some may not and at the moment, with the school closed off we have no way of providing textbooks).

    As of now I am checking my email numerous times a day and am happy to respond directly to any questions. Although I am not very proficient with all of the technology, I will be establishing a way to video conference for tutoring purposes, if it turns out that such a service would be helpful.

    This week’s work will be graded!! But have no fears – we are all new to this sort of thing and know that glitches will occur so problems can be fixed if they happen. We will eventually all be back at school and as a last recourse any potential problems can be solved then. Stay tuned!! Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Update 3/27

    I hope everyone is doing well. Please use the codes listed below to join your class on google classroom if you haven't already. I can be contacted through my school emial if you have any questions. I am just now learning about google classroom so many questions might be better answered by friends, but I can try, or get an answer if need be. Again, no graded assignments this week but review materisl given below. On Monday we will start SLOWLY with graded work so please be sure to check google clasroom and this website by Monday for new assignments. Take care!!


    Update 3/26

    Really nothing to update here - you should be getting emails from the school and checking the school website though. Due to various legalities involving equal access, credited work cannot be given this week so spend some time reviwing this semester's info in our text. We have already looked at viruses a few times in class this year and talked a little about corona before we left but I'm sure you've all learned a lot about it yourself. Our textbook discusses viruses in Chapter 20 and many excellent resources are available on line (for example The Corona Virus Explained and What You Should Do). By Monday we should all have information about how we are moving forward.


    Hello Students and Families,

    As of 3/23 – 27 everything is still on hold. I have listed below a review document (attached on documents page) and review chapters in the book, if you want to review and keep abreast of the material we have covered so far this semester. If we are still quarantined next week we will switch to Google classroom so we can communicate better. I hope you are all well and I see you soon!!

    Mr. Fletcher

    Review: A Quick Summary of What We have Studied So Fat This Year in Biology

    The Cell and the Cell Membrane                Chapter 7

    Biomolecules, including Enzymes              Sections 2.3 and 2.4

    Photosynthesis                                         Chapter 8

    Cellular Respiration                                   Chapter 9

    Cell Growth and Division                            Chapter 10


    For google classroom (starting next week) follow this link and use the following codes Google classroom

    Period 2       gmbakvc

    Period 3       pziejmj

    Period 4       azmsfj4

    Period 5       wxchc3q

    Period 6       ayvgy3d

    Period 7       cu3mjqh


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    Welcome to General Biology

    The science program at IRHS provides students with many opportunities to develop skills that can be utilized in any area of future endeavour. A student participating in IRHS Science also has the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount about the physical and biological sciences.


    General Biology

    General Biology is an introductory biology class for freshmen. We investigate a wide range of topics, from molecular biology to ecology, and lots in between. The class is designed to help students develop academic skills, but is also geared towards promoting interest in the sciences, which statistically drops off in the high school years.