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     Economics Opportunity Cost

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    Economics is a one-semester course that examines how society counters unlimited wants with limited resources and government’s role in the economy. Students will gain an understanding of basic economic principles, including an introduction to economic theory, supply and demand, money systems, banking and investing, globalization, and personal finance.

    Important Classroom Information:

    • Homework packets are available in class only (on the wall below the clock), and are not available electronically. Extra copies will not be available on the due date. 
    • Students must use their hall pass to leave the class room; this includes using the restroom, making a phone call, and 18 year-old sign-out.
    • You have the number of days you were gone, plus one day to turn in make-up work.
    • After 9 absences (excused or unexcused) students will not receive credit for make-up work.

    What does a grade mean?
    A: Exceeds proficiency, can teach someone else
    B: Full comprehension
    C: Developing understanding, approaching independence
    D: Beginning to understand, still dependent upon support
    F: Attempts to demonstrate learning were unsuccessful