• Due to the governer's decsion to close school till the end of the year.  I would like to have our zoom meeting this week on Wednesday, April 1st.


    1:00-1:15pm  - Wind Ensemble.    ZOOM #533-398-376

    1:20-1:35  - Encore.      ZOOM #681-367-274

    1:40-1:55 - Jazz Ensemble.     ZOOM #951-018-173

    2:00-2:15 - Acappella/Glitz.     ZOOM #917-152-590

    2:20-2:35  - 5th Period Music Audio Production.    ZOOM #895-379-293

    2:40-2:55 - 6th Period Music Audio Procuction.    ZOOM #137-867-135



    We will talk about what the rest of the year holds for us and how we will move forward.  Dont worry, Dont stress,

    We will come up with a fun and non stressfull way to approach the next six weeks.

    Keep your heads up, your hands clean and be kind to others. 

    Mr. Hodge