• Introduction to your class)

    In our Physical Education (PE) class we will use all kinds of manipulatives and games to get our bodies moving. Each class period will consist of a warm-up, a fitness activity, and an activity or game.

    I would like my students to be physically literate. My goal is for my students to understand the relationship between physical fitness and living a long healthy life.

    We will participate every year as a school in the Jump for Heart program supporting the American Heart Associatin and several 4th and 5th grade students will have the opportunity to represent Coronado in the Amphi District Everyone Wins Track Meet held at CDO high school every March.



    Introduction to your class expectations:

    To have FUN

    To except responsibility for their actions

    To listen when someone is speaking

    To show sportsmanship at all times

    To play fair

    To accept the outcome of the game with grace

    To be safe with equipment

    To respect those that may be different from us

    To BE KIND individuals



    Helpful Hints & Reminders

    Kids need at least 60 minutes of exercise every day.

    Fill their plates with colorful foods at meal times.

    Don’t drink sugary drinks like soda and Gatorades often

    Drink lots and lots of water

    Wear sunscreen



    Other information

    Run, hop, jump, skip, walk, ride bikes, go on hikes, play and dance with your kiddos. They love it when you join them and have FUN!!!!!!!