• Information

    Welcome to the Thunderbird Art Room!  I teach K-5 visual art classes at Painted Sky Elementary.  This year is my third year teaching at Painted Sky Elementary! 

    My goal is to encourage my students to think as artists, behave as artists, and perform as artists.  With respect and responsibility we can work together to create a fun and safe learning environment.


    Class Expectations

    I expect all Painted Sky students to abide by the following rules when in the art room.

    Be Kind

    Be Safe

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible 

    This can be achieved when students enter the room quietly, listen to directions, stay on task during class time, clean up materials & work space, and wait quietly for their classroom teacher.  Positive student behavior is celebrated and rewarded and shall a behavior challenge arise, it is discussed with the student and an appropriate behavior consequence will follow, such as a short stop and think and/or a note home to parents.  The rules and expectations are displayed in the art room and when followed will help harvest a fun and safe learning environment.