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    email -  mrobertson@amphi.com
    classrm phone -  (520)407-4134

    Distant Learning Info:

    Hi Parents,

    If you would like to see your child's in depth lesson plans have them show you on Google Classroom.


    Hola mis alumnos,

    Please use the following class codes to join your appropriate Googleclass. Please sign up by Friday April 3rd, after this date the class codes will not be available.  Thank you.

    Span. 1 classes:   Per. 2    n6errab                 

                                 Per. 3    a3gs426

                                 Per. 5    v3d7p35

                                 Per. 6     vnwbdjx

                                 Per. 7    j43kagb


    PreAP Span. 3     Per. 4     4nan2n7



    Google Classroom Instructions

    You will find all the assignments on your Google classroom not on the  calendar link of this page.

    If you are having difficulty or if you have any questions please contact me at mrobertson@amphi.com

    Degrees and Certifications


    BA  Spanish Language and Latin American Studies - University of Arizona


    Secondary Spanish Language

    AP College Board certified




    Prior Experience:

    College of the Atlantic (Bar Harbor, ME)

    Mt. Desert Island High School (Bar Harbor, ME)


    Studies/travel abroad/student trips:

    Oaxaca, Mexico
    Costa Rica




    I have been teaching for 25 years and counting, the majority of which has been in my home state of Arizona. My parents sparked my love of Spanish through numerous trips to San Carlos, Sonora- Mexico since the age of 9.

    I love the Hispanic culture and people, and I hope to instill that same interest in my students.