Mrs. Travis




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    Important:  Please check your email for Zoom links and meet me in Zoom on Monday for key information and new Google Classroom Codes!!


    • Pre-AP English 10
    • English 12



    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management, University of Phoenix
    • Master of Arts in Secondary Education, University of Phoenix


    Prior Teaching Experience:

    • Pueblo Magnet High School, English and Business Management (4 years)
    • Santa Rita High School, Business Management and Web Design (2 years)
    • Doolen Middle School, Language Arts (2 years)
    • Legacy Traditional School, Computers (2 years)
    • Ironwood Ridge High School (2015-present)


    Core Educational Beliefs:

    I believe that all students should be given the same opportunities to learn in a safe environment. To achieve this, I make it my priority to make students feel welcome and get to know each one. I then work to establish an environment where students are challenged academically, while feeling comfortable to share their unique ideas and thoughts.

    Mrs. Travis






     Textbook Access  Books

    1st - You need to make sure you can access your amphi google account:

    1.  Go to "Google." Click sign in.

    2.  Username:  StudentID@student.amphi.com

    3.  Password:  fist name, first letter capitalized


    Student Options

    Option 1:

    1.  Open Chrome browser

    2.  Sign into Google using @student.amphi.com

    3.  Click on drive

    4.  Click back on the 9 dots

    5.  Click more and the EasyBridge Pearson link should appear.


    Option 2:

    1.  Open Chrome browser

    2.  Sign into Google using @student.amphi.com

    3.  Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner

    4.  Click Settings

    5.  Sign into Chrome and the bookmark tab "School Name" should appear with EasyBridge as an option


    Option 3:

    1.  Open Chrome browser

    2.  Sign into Google using @student.amphi.com

    3.  Go to HelloID.amphi.com

    4.  Sign in

    a.  Username:  Student ID

    b.  First Name

    5.  Click Pearson EasyBridge