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    *** ATTENTION ***

    Update 4/4:

    I hope everyone is staying safe and well. I miss seeing you every day.

    Please check your specific course page for information and your Google Classroom page for more specific information. This week we are working on activities that will be graded.

    EVERYBODY: Please join Google classroom. You may use your school account to access this. The join codes are below. This is now a grade in Tyler.

    Office Hours Via Zoom:

    1st period Wednesdays at 8:30 am

    2nd period Tuesdays at 9:30 am

    3rd period Wednesdays at 9:30 am

    4th period Tuesdays at 10:30

    5th period Wednesdays at 10:30 am


    Google Classroom: Look to the left on this page and click on the Google Classroom tab. Beginning Monday, March 30, 2020, you’ll find all coursework there.

    Enrichment Activities/Distance LearningLook to the Left on this page and click on Enrichment Activities/Distance LearningYou’ll find all coursework there.

     School Closure Update (3/23/2020):

    Hello Students,

    We miss you, and we understand how unsettling this time is.  We, as a department, would like to offer enrichment activities for each class level. These will be ungraded assignments, but we would encourage you to do them to keep your skills sharp.  All of us are learning as we go along how to handle this situation.  There is a possibility that the completed assignments could later be used to help determine your grade for the semester, but if you choose not to do them, you will in no way be penalized for it. Check your teacher's page to see the weekly enrichment activities.  Please be well.

    Ironwood Ridge High School English Department 



    • English 11
    • English 12



    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management, University of Phoenix
    • Master of Arts in Secondary Education, University of Phoenix


    Prior Teaching Experience:

    • Pueblo Magnet High School, English and Business Management (4 years)
    • Santa Rita High School, Business Management and Web Design (2 years)
    • Doolen Middle School, Language Arts (2 years)
    • Legacy Traditional School, Computers (2 years)
    • Ironwood Ridge High School (2015-present)


    Core Educational Beliefs:

    I believe that all students should be given the same opportunities to learn in a safe environment. To achieve this, I make it my priority to make students feel welcome and get to know each one. I then work to establish an environment where students are challenged academically, while feeling comfortable to share their unique ideas and thoughts.

    Mrs. Travis






     Textbook Access  Books

    1st - You need to make sure you can access your amphi google account:

    1.  Go to "Google." Click sign in.

    2.  Username:  StudentID@student.amphi.com

    3.  Password:  fist name, first letter capitalized


    Student Options

    Option 1:

    1.  Open Chrome browser

    2.  Sign into Google using @student.amphi.com

    3.  Click on drive

    4.  Click back on the 9 dots

    5.  Click more and the EasyBridge Pearson link should appear.


    Option 2:

    1.  Open Chrome browser

    2.  Sign into Google using @student.amphi.com

    3.  Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner

    4.  Click Settings

    5.  Sign into Chrome and the bookmark tab "School Name" should appear with EasyBridge as an option


    Option 3:

    1.  Open Chrome browser

    2.  Sign into Google using @student.amphi.com

    3.  Go to HelloID.amphi.com

    4.  Sign in

    a.  Username:  Student ID

    b.  First Name

    5.  Click Pearson EasyBridge