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    Through the Reading Seed program, teachers select the students who will participate based on student needs. Reading Seed staff then matches these students with a trained volunteer called a Reading Seed coach.

    If selected, your child will meet regularly and individually with a Reading Seed coach who will help your child with reading skills and introducing them to great books.

    GOAL: The volunteer’s main goal is the inspire a love of reading in every student served.

    FREE BOOKS: Every week, your child will receive one or two free books to take home to his/her personal library. These books are picked by coaches specifically for your child who then gets to choose which one he/she wants to take home. Your child could potentially end the school year with close to 50 books that he/she has shown interest in reading.

    WRITING AND GAMES: Sometimes, coaches play reading-based games with students to bring an element of fun into their sessions. Each child also has their own writing journal to record any thoughts about the books being read.

    At the end of the school year, every child receives a certificate for participating in the program. Coaches also guide students through a Reading Seed game board that encourages reading outside of school. Students who complete this game board (which usually means they have read at least 20 hours outside of school) will also receive a medallion at the end of the year!

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