• Scholarship Bulletin

    Use the Calendar below to search for scholarships by due date. Click on titles to see more information.

    Any Questions?  Email Mr. Parham at jparham@amphi.com 

  • The following websites can help you search for scholarships and assist you with your financial aid applications:

    • FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid
    • FAFSA4caster - Understand options for paying for college. Can be found on the lower right corner of the FAFSA website.
    • FAFSA Worksheet - A worksheet that helps you prepare before going online to file your FAFSA.
    • StudentAid.gov - Information about financial aid from the US Department of Education.
    • CSS Profile - Nonfederal Financial Aid Application, may be requested as a supplement to the FAFSA.
    • AZCIS - AZ Career Information System lists scholarships under the Education tab. Some are only for AZ residents!
    • Bold.org - Create a profile and receive scholarships targeted at you in your email inbox.
    • Arizona Community Foundation - Complete an application and get matched with Arizona-based scholarships beginning in January each year.
    • Cappex - Scholarship Information and Search
    • College Greenlight - College and Scholarship Searches
    • CollegeNet - Financial Aid Guide / College Information
    • College Scholarships - Scholarship Information
    • Fastweb - Scholarship Search
    • Federal Student Aid - Publications, online tools, and more to help you prepare and pay for college or career school.
    • FinAid - Guide to Financial Aid and Scholarship Search
    • NextStudent - Scholarship Search - Formerly Scholarships101
    • RaiseMe - Create a portfolio of accomplishments to become eligible for micro-scholarships with partner colleges.
    • Scholarships.com - Scholarship Search
    • StudentScholarships - Scholarship Search
    • Unigo - Search for colleges and scholarships
    • Zinch - College and Scholarship Search - part of Chegg.com
    • American Indian College Fund - American Indian College Fund Scholarships
    • Hispanic Scholarship Fund - Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarships
    • United Negro College Fund - United Negro College Fund Scholarships
    • OEDB - Scholarships for women
  • Additional Resources

    Homeless or unaccompanied youth are eligible for aid.  Contact the district's McKinney-Vento Liason for the form you will need to document your status.  The National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth publishes FAFSA Tips for Unaccompanied Youth that will answer many questions.

    Students in Foster Care can establish an account for Foster Care to Success and get more information about scholarships available to them.

    Dreamer and DACA students may be eligible for some private scholarships and some schools have established guidelines regarding how these students are considered in regard to being classified as in-state students for tuition purposes.  Please check the university's or college's websites for specific information on each school.  A local resource for you to check out is Scholarships a-z.  They work with Dreamer and DACA students and have a wealth of information for you.

    Scholarships and Financial Resources for Black and African American students  Four years of college can easily cost $40,000 at a state school and $100,000 at a private institution. The price of a college education is a barrier to many people who have dreams of attending college, including African Americans who are underrepresented at many colleges across the country.  This Moneygeek webpage includes resources for Black and African American students.

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  • Last Updated: 09/30/2021