• Mission

    The children of the Innovation Academy are critical and creative problem solvers who are empowered to be innovative leaders of tomorrow.



    At the Innovation Academy we provide an active child-centered environment where diversity is embraced and learning is personalized. Children will be supported and facilitated in their learning by prominent, highly skilled, and collaborative professionals who orchestrate curriculum and resources for self-directed students. The sciences are woven into all aspects of learning, providing limitless possibilities. Our students develop and utilize leadership and collaborative skills and learn to communicate effectively. Technology and the arts enrich and celebrate their learning. Children are engaged in “hands-on” and “minds-on” relevant curriculum and instruction, in an atmosphere of high expectations for all. We establish a place where the natural curiosity of children is fostered through inquiry and exploration, and provide relevant and meaningful choices which motivate and inspire. Critical thinking, creative thinking and engineering thinking are taught and developed in all aspects of the learning process. High achievement is the valued outcome.


    To be successful in our endeavors, we build and sustain collaborative relationships with students, their families, and with our community partners.


    Our school is a living laboratory inside and out. We have a sustainable “green” campus which is a model for the community. At the Innovation Academy we prepare our students for their future.



    We value…

    • Student Learning,
    • Learning that supports the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of children
    • Building strong, caring, positive relationships
    • Kindness
    • Diversity
    • Fairness and Honesty
    • Responsibility and respect for others
    • A curriculum that integrates core subjects, the arts and physical fitness
    • Inquiry and exploration
    • Creativity
    • Critical thinking and problem solving
    • Collaboration
    • Student directed learning
    • Personalized instruction
    • Innovative technology
    • A sustainable green campus
    • Community STEM partnerships



    We believe…

    • All children are unique, diverse and learn differently
    • In reaching students through different learning modalities and styles
    • Children are born with a natural curiosity which must be encouraged and sustained in order to foster innovation
    • Diversity enriches our lives and our community
    • Teachers are facilitators of learning by orchestrating curriculum and resources for students
    • Collaboration is foundational to our success
    • High expectations for all
    • Student directed learning creates a life-long learner (a never ending process)
    • Student engagement through hands-on minds-on learning
    • In fostering intrinsic motivation to learn in a student centered environment
    • With the support from home, community and school, each child will be successful
    • Learning is active and engaging where students utilize critical thinking, creative thinking, problem solving and design thinking
    • Our learning community is enhanced by, and connected through the arts
    • Technology is a tool for learning, research and communicating ideas
    • In partnership with business, parents and community
    • A green campus will help promote a green community
    • Our school community is a safe and caring environment
    • In preparing our students for their future