• Although I am a Wisconsin native, my family most recently lived in Germany for three years.  We are new to the Tucson area and we are excited to explore the Southwest and eagerly await all the new experiences we will have! 

    As an Assistant Principal, I hope to be able to get to know the culture of the school and build positive relationships with the Wilson K-8 Families.  I look to encourage students to become positive, inquisitive and productive members of the school community as well as the greater community.  I will work hard to make sure that our children receive the best possible education in a safe, nurturing and productive environment.

    Defining Moment in Education

    I don’t know that there was one defining moment for me.  Even as a very small girl, I was very inquisitive and wanted to learn and teach others around me.  One of my favorite memories is of my “first” classroom. It was in an old, empty chicken coop in the back of the barn growing up.  We emptied the building and set up a mock classroom with a chalk board and some old desks from the school rummage sale.  I brought out my Little House on the Prairie books and taught my sister how to read.  I think I was 8 and she was 5.  Since then, I fill my passion with every chance I get to help others grow and learn.

    Core Educational Beliefs

    I believe that every child deserves a great education.  In order to be productive and effective students, they need to feel physically and emotionally safe in the learning environment.  I believe that every student has not only a right, but a responsibility to learn and be the best they can be in everything they do.  I believe that work, study and social habits that are built at home and in schools at a young age have a dramatic impact on who we become as adults. It is important for educators at every level to make sure that the educational environment we provide at school is as positive as possible.  Finally, I believe that education is a collaborative effort between the school, the parents and the greater community.

    Prior Experience

    Phoenix Middle School - Assistant Principal

    Fox River Middle School - Mathematics and Career Education Teacher

    Waterford Graded School District - Technology and Curriculum Staff Development Coordinator

    CESA 5 - Technology and Curriculum Staff Development Specialist

  • Mrs. Magdaline Marjanovic

    Assistant Principal

    Email: mmarjanovic@amphi.com
    Phone: 520-696-5802

    Degrees & Certifications