Mrs. Jennifer Freienmuth



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jennifer Freienmuth


Welcome to Innovation Academy!  This year is exciting, not only because of all the new things students will learn, but because students at this school are the very first students to attend Innovation Academy! 


Defining Moment in Education

I love school and I have always loved school.  That love is why I became a teacher.  I knew from a very young age that teaching is what I was meant to do.  My defining moment in education didn't come until much later educational career.  That moment was the moment I stepped into the arena at Eastern New Mexico University to receive my Bachelor's degree.  The band was playing the graduation march and I don't remeber every feeling more proud of myself or more excited to begin somthing new.  I had finally accomplished what I had been working towards for almost my whole life.  I hope every student that I have worked with and will work with in the future is able to have the same experience.  


Core Educational Beliefs

 I believe that every student can learn and be successful in the classroom.  Each child's learning needs are unique and as a teacher I strive to recognize unique needs and teach with this principle in mind.  I very strongly believe in hand-on and active learning.  This year, and every year, I will work closely with my colleague to ensure that every child's specific learning needs are being met. 


Prior Experience

•  Special Education Teacher, High Functioning Autism Program (Grades 9-12), 1 Year

• Special Education Teacher, Denney Juvenile Detention Center (Grades 6-12), 3 Years