Mr. Matthew Lange

Phone: 520 269 4646


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Education in Elementary Masters in Technology for Education

Mr. Matthew Lange

The greatest joy in teaching is watching children grow, learn, and discover. In my classroom, cultivating exploration, interacting with real world problems, and gaining knowledge gives children a sense of power that allows them to soar not just at school, but in life.

About Mr. Lange

I am definitely a science and nature guy. I am invigorated by snowboarding where ever I can find winter! You might also find me in a quiet moment observing a spider, mouse, or other critter in their natural habitat. Through these gentle creatures, I can learn, discover, and then relay to my students the world that lives without our things.

Additionally, I am a family guy. My beautiful wife and I have been married for 13 years. We have a wonderful little boy who is five years old who will be attending Innovation Academy.

I am thrilled to be here at Innovation Academy and in the Amphitheater School District where I began my own journey in education. As a CDO graduate, it is my honor to be here at Innovation Academy helping so many wonderful students along the fascinating voyage of learning.

Core Educational Beliefs:

Walt Disney was certainly correct when he suspected, ““Our greatest national resource is the minds of our children.”

I am compelled to help shape these young minds and support all young children so they can realize that they are in charge, they are amazing, and they are powerful leaders in our world. Through reading, be it basic words, or novels, students grow exponentially when they are given the chance to discover that they can beat their fears, visit faraway places, and explode possibilities in their imagination.

Additionally, the knowledge of math facts will give students a leg up in math which will in turn give them opportunities to extend their knowledge. While tedious, this basic understanding of the operations and vocabulary will help children to build an empire of mathematics that will greatly impact everything they do in school.

Prior Experiences:

Since the spring of 2005, I have taught 2nd-6th grade gaining experience, knowledge, and a true understanding of what is best for kids. I look forward to sharing that with your child this year.