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Northern Arizona University BS Social Sciences Northern Arizona University BA Secondary Education

John Fife

School Closure Information - These Instructions have changed slightly from last week so please read through them.

* All lectures, notes, videos, and graded actvities will be posted on the "School Closure Weekly Plans" link to the left. The plans will be listed by week with the most recent plans at the top. If you get behind, scroll down to find the work you have missed. Due dates are suggestions. If you need more time, I will still take your work, up through May 13, for full credit. 

* If you are missing any work from January 6 – March 13, you may make that up and turn it in to me. Look at student portal for anything that has an “m” listed as a grade. I have all notes and activities from February 28 – March 13 already posted on my web page on the "Notes and Actvities" link. All you have to do is download what you need, complete it, and email a picture of it to me so I can get it graded and entered. If you need anything from before the February 28th, email me asking for what you need, and I will send it to you as an attachment.

*Because we won't have actual class time together, it is important that you do the reading from the text. That reading will be listed in the "Notes and Activities" link to the left. If you don’t have your hard copy of your textbook at home, you can use the online version. Instructions for accessing your textbook online are at the end of my course syllabus (there is a link to that on the left). The online text doesn't have page numbers. It runs by chapter and section. I will list both on the "Notes and Activities" page.

*Lecture notes will be available in two formats until further notice: a video version that includes me actually giving the lecture (I know how much you have missed that) and the actual PowerPoint presentation that you can just look at. The actual PowerPoint will also include review questions you can use to check for understanding. I recommend that you watch the lecture, then use the PowerPoint to copy the notes and review.

*I am going to assume that you are using your notes and text while you are taking quizzes (I would) so please do so.  Just keep multiple tabs opened so you can switch back and forth.

*If you have any questions or problems, please email me ( at any time. I will get back to you as soon as possible. You don't need to wait unitl our regular class meeting time to email me. I will be available all day by email.

*If you need to meet with me “face to face” send me an email letting me know and I will send you a link so that we can Zoom during tutorail .