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Degrees and Certifications:

MA EducationBA Spanish/English LiteratureAA Audio EngineeringMath and Science strengths

Mr. Rey Vasquez (Mr. V)

Experience is a great educator. I have been a musician (still am!), camp counselor, server, bartender, dishwasher, janitor, miner, translator, police officer, teacher, school administrator, and now, i've returned to the classroom. Every one of these experiences has shaped the way I see the world and, in turn, taught me to respect and appreciate all professions and people.

I was born in Douglas, AZ, a small border town southeast from Tucson and raised by two very cosmopolitan parents who exposed my sister and I to many different cultures, usually through food and music. My parents were the cool parents who listened to James Brown and Mile Davis but would also listen to El Trio Los Panchos and Vicente Fernandez. They very much influenced my desire to "know" things. Which led me to discover the electric guitar!

I've been playing the guitar since I was 6 years old and have not put it down since. It was my first passion and remains strong to this day. 

I have three awesome boys who are passionate about their interests, ranging from Football and Basketball to Drums and engineering. Discovery is one of our favorite activities.

I am looking forward to discovering language and history with your kids and instill in them the drive and inspiration to love learning everyday. Not just in school but everywhere.



My teaching philosophy

"Knowledge is power". The words ring in my ears today as they did when my grandmother whispered them to me as I left for school one August morning. With my belly full of chorizo con huevos and orange juice, i stepped out onto the sidewalk and my life changed forever.

My grandparents were all magnificent learners. Although, with only maybe a 5th or 6th grade education, they always read and "did stuff". My paternal grandfather, my Tata Rey, retired from a local lime plant where he worked hard to feed and clothe his family, yet, he could lead political discussions that would rival Machiavelli himself. 

My Tata Joe, my mom's dad, was a storytelling genius, inventor, carpenter, gunsmith, and master gardener. He captivated everyone, young and old, with his stories of his rambunctious childhood and how he walked everywhere. It's a wonder he survived past the age of 13! While he worked for Phelps Dodge, he invented many tools to make his job easier and safer and are still in use today. He enjoyed teaching me different aspects of the home and garage, things that still help me to this day.

My grandmothers were both incredible chefs, cooking up feasts for their families all the while doing the laundry, cleaning house, and tending to the children. Multi tasking at its finest!

To this day, i still search for the oatmeal my Nana Mila made for me, my sister, and all my cousins. The smell of freshly made tortillas in the morning touched by the scent of chocolate milk lingers in my subconscience, visiting me in dreams.

Kitty Robles, my nana, was a spitfire and taught me a skill that no one should be with out: GRILLING! 

The summers in my grandparents backyard were full of discovery and wonder and while mom and dad worked, our lives were enriched by this little backyard in Douglas, AZ. As young as i was, my Nana Kitty trusted me with her little vintage hibachi grill. At 9 years old, I became adept at grilling various meats and veggies under her tutelage and to this day, I still remember her words... "Knowledge is power".

Growing up, I was taught to "do". To read. To learn.  And to do them all the time because Knowledge IS power.