• All class assignments and other coursework will be found on GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  All students should currently have access to Google Classroom.  Each student's classroom code depends on which class period they are enrolled in according to their schedule. Most students have already been added to Google class.  If they have already been added they do not need to rejoin class.  Class codes are displayed in the event that a student has not yet been enrolled into Google Classroom by Mr. Beuthin.


    If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Beuthin at kbeuthin@amphi.com or 520-696-5398.


    Google Classroom:                  https://classroom.google.com/u/0/h


    Class Period                         Class Code

    Period 2:  US History              

    Period 4:  US History              

    Period 5:  World History          

    Period 6:  World History          

    Period 7:  World History          



    Class Meetings

    • Every day class will begin in Zoom. Students will be expected to use Zoom daily and have and have an active account.


    Grading Policy:

    • To receive full credit, all assignments must be turned in by the deadline set by teacher.
    • Any assignment submitted more than one (1) school week late will receive a 50% deduction in points.
    • Student assignments will be graded for accuracy, effort and progress.  Semester grades will reflect these criteria.
    • Students must be in attendance and participating daily to receive passing grade for course.
    • All student grades will be found on Tyler and grades will be updated weekly.


    Attendance Policy

    • Students earn two (2) points a day for being present and properly participating in online instruction.
    • Students must remain in class from the time in which teacher starts class to when teacher ends session to receive full points


    Tardy Policy

    • Students will receive a deduction of 0.5 attendance points each day they are tardy for class. If students arrive to class five (5) or more minutes late they will receive a deduction of one (1) point.


    Submitting Assignments

    • Unless otherwise specified, all assignments will be submitted using Google Classroom.
    • Students must submit assignments properly through Google Classroom if they wish to receive credit.
    • Students must use their @student.amphi.com accounts


    Grading Scale                                                                                      

    100-90     A                                                                                             

    89-80       B                                                                                              

    79-70       C                                                                                              

    69-60       D                                                                                             

    59-0         F 



    Online Rules and Expectations

    1.  Show respect at all times.  Students should be respectful to all viewpoints and opinions of fellow students and teacher.         Profanity and/or any derogatory talk will not be tolerated in any spoken or written form.

    2.  Be responsible for your own actions.  Students need to be responsible and take ownership for their own actions and           how it affects their education.  This includes being present and on time for class each day following teacher/school/district       expectations for being an online learner.

    3.  Appropriate learning environment: Students must have a neutral background and in an appropriate environment               sitting up.  Students who are not appropriately dressed or in an appropriate learning environment, (i.e. pajamas, music,           movies or television on in background, laying in their bed or use an inappropriate background) will be exited from the             classroom and lose attendance points for the day.

    4.  Cameras on during classes. Students should expect to participate with teacher in the Zoom environment with their               webcam activated for the entire class.  Students will need to use their first and last name to identify themselves to the             teacher.

    5.  Daily participation. Students are expected to actively participate in lessons each day.  Students should avoid                         inappropriate language or off topic discussions.  Students should be focused on lessons and not multitasking (ie. Watching       Netflix or Hulu, listening to music, reading, drawing watching sports, playing video games, browsing the internet, using           phones, having in person or excessively leaving computer to complete tasks, etc.).  Students who are not appropriately           participating will lose attendance points.

    6.  Be on time for class. Teacher will take attendance at the beginning of each class period.  Tardy students will lose                   attendance points.