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Degrees and Certifications:

Canyon Del Oro High School- 1991 Northern Arizona University- 1995 (Bachelors of Science, Speech Pathology) University of Phoenix- 1998 (Post Baccalaureate Secondary Education)

Ms. Walker

Welcome to Biology!

I am Jennifer Walker and I excited to be back at CDO this year! I have been a Dorado for a very long time.  I graduated from CDO back in the 90's. Then I taught here for a few years before I had my 3 beautiful daughters. Not only am I an alumni, my daughters all will be too. My oldest daughter Grace is a CDO alumni of the class of 2020.  Ella is a senior this year at CDO (class of 2022) and Sofia is a freshman (class of 2025).   I took a 16 year break from teaching to raise my daughters. During that time, I also had the incredible experience of owning and operating a CrossFit gym in Tucson. I went back into the classroom in 2018 at Amphi High School. I've made it full circle and am so thrilled to be back at CDO! Dorado Pride forever! 

I love traveling, cooking, and anything fitness related! One day, when I was teaching at Amphi High, I told me students that I could walk on my hands.  My students dared me to walk across the classroom on my hands. And I did it. 

Defining Moment in Education:

My defining moment in education has evolved numerous times. I remember taking a college course and being absolutely terrified to get in front of my class to give a presentation. That day I went to my counselor and changed my major. I didn't think I would ever be able to get words out of my mouth to teach a room full of students.  Fast forward a few years of working in a school district as a speech therapist in a developmental preschool, I decided to give myself another chance and got my teaching certificate. I still get nervous talking in front of others but I absolutely love the process of learning and helping students find their way. What's more fun than to talk about life? 

I had another defining moment during the Pandemic. I was not alone with my colleages when we had to figure out how to teach students in an remote environment.  I would give myself a C+ when it comes to understanding technology so I knew I had to figure that out and fast in order to make sure my students learned the content while feeling like they belonged in a classroom. Teaching during the Pandemic has been an experience.  I have been so grateful for all of my colleagues, my students, the parents, and the personal support of my loved ones to help keep me motivated and focused to not give up during very challenging times.  To keep learning, finding new ways to teach, new lessons to try in new formats. 

Core Education Beliefs:

I believe all students have the ability to learn and I love the journey of watching students grow over a year. I believe in teaching not only the content but how to solve problems and apply knowledge to life.

I believe that Biology is a course that every single student will walk away from and say, I learned something in that class that will actually help or matter in my life. Even if it's just one thing! Maybe they will learn something about cancer, or how we turn food into energy, or why we look like we do. I belive that I can figure out a tie in to real life in Biology these students will always remember. 


Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona

University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona


Pendergast School District, Phoenix, Arizona 1995-1998

Canyon Del Oro, High School, Tucson, Arizona 1999-2002

Canyon Del Oro Cheer Coach, 1998-2002

CrossFit NorthWest Tucson, Tucson, Arizona 2008-2019

Amphi High School, Tucson, Arizona 2018-2021

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