Jody Basye

Phone: 520-696-5977


Degrees and Certifications:

Jody Basye

Prior Experience: 19 Teaching & 29 Coaching

1) 3 Years - Teaching Math Special Education in a Multi-age Classroom.

2) 7 Years - Team Leader Residential

3) 7 years - Long and Short Term Sub Teaching

4) 29 Years - Coaching Varsity, College, & Pro Sports

5) 2 Years - as CHOICES Classroom Teacher

What I am committed to providing CMS students, parents and staff

1) Communication with Students and Parents of Students

2) Integrity, Positive Role-modeling, & Experience

3) Classroom Consistency, Classroom Management, and Accountability

4) Creative Opportunities, Learning, Thinking, & Discussion

5) The 6 Pillars of Character

3 Things I am working on this school year

1) Not Taking My Teaching and Coaching Home with me.

2) 4 days a Week Exercising.

3) Incorporating More STEM Projects into School Year.

Things I enjoy outside of school

1) Spending Time with Family Enjoying my Wonderful Wife and Two Amazing Daughters.

2) Coaching Pro Basketball Overseas.

3) Working Out and Training Athletes.

One of my favorite quotes

Time Spent Sharpening the Axe will be Spared from Swinging it.