• The Defining Moment in My Education

    It would probably have to be my first library card; I remember checking out the limit of 10 books every week. I remember the feeling of entering the massive building filled with books, surrounded by so much knowledge waiting to be revealed; I experienced a similar feeling as I set foot on each university campus. I credit this early fondness of reading for building the foundation of my academic discipline and determination. This academic discipline and determination supported me through my eight years of undergraduate and graduate work in my pursuit of the three degrees I’ve obtained. I look forward to supporting the provision of an academic environment that fosters the desire of a similar educational pursuit in the students here at Cross. 

    My Core Educational Beliefs

    I believe that every challenge or "failure" is an opportunity to improve. I also believe that intelligence is fluid, as opposed to fixed, and that through hard work and perseverance, one can learn more and learn it more swiftly. For our students, my goal is to provide accountability and guidance to help them succeed in middle school and beyond. For our teachers, my goal is to support them in their instructional growth, to continue to provide students with meaningful and engaging content in the classroom. For our classified staff, my goal is to support them in providing students with a clean, safe and supportive academic environment.    

    My Prior Experience

    My first exposure to teaching came, during my pursuit of an undergraduate degree in psychology, when I volunteered in a kindergarten class at Ortiz Elementary. This experience combined with a number of other factors led me to my first teaching job in the area of Language Arts at a middle school in San Luis, AZ. With the incredible support of an experienced instructional coach, I blossomed into an effective teacher and soon mentored other new teachers. After four years at San Luis Middle School, I moved to Tucson and joined the Amphi family as an English teacher at Amphitheater High School. There I taught all 4 grades, led my department, mentored new teachers and even designed and launched a senior-level college and career readiness class with a focus on practical communication. After six years in a high school classroom, I transitioned into the front office as an ISA and gained the valuable administrative experience that I brought to Cross in 2019. 


    Master of Educational Leadership | University of Arizona | 2016 – 2018

    Master of Secondary Education | Grand Canyon University | 2008 – 2010

    Bachelor of Science | Abilene Christian University | 2004 - 2008

Mr. Boknevitz
  • Chris Boknevitz

    Assistant Principal

    Email: cboknevitz@amphi.com

    Phone: (520) 696-5923