Becky Diamond

Phone: 696-5298


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Music in Music Education University of Arizona, 2015

Becky Diamond


Welcome Message

Hi! My name is Becky Diamond. I was born and raised in Tucson, and have attended Amphi schools throughout my education: including Rio Vista, Prince, Amphi Middle and Amphi High! Music-making and teaching are my passion, and I am so excited to continue my career as Rio Vista’s new General Music and Band teacher.

In the Music program, students receive 50 minutes per week of music class, with grade level performances throughout the year. In Band, students learn a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument and practice to perform at a high level with three performances per year. I also teach weekly Music classes for students at the Rillito Center.


Defining Moment in Education

While growing up, I was a very curious and learning-focused kid. I taught myself the piano and guitar, and once I joined band in elementary school, my music teacher (Marcie Young!) allowed me to take home and teach myself several different instruments. Due to that experience, and the permission to explore musically, playing many different kinds of music in many different ways became second nature to me. Since then, my goal in teaching music has been to help foster my students’ natural creativity and give them encouragement to express and be themselves.

As I got older, I noticed that studying music in a university setting was very rigid and lacked the creativity that got me hooked in the first place. That is why, in addition to teaching a curriculum that provides a well-rounded music education, I am committed to my classroom being a creative space where a lifelong love of music can take hold.


Core Educational Belief

My core belief of education is that every child deserves to learn in a safe, nurturing, and fulfilling environment. There are many systemic challenges, like poverty, that trap kids and their families in a cycle that denies them success and safety. I believe it is the school’s duty to be where children can go not just to learn, but also to truly grow.

My second core belief is that children are important: they are the future. Every day I spend as a teacher, I learn something new. My students learn from me, and they also teach me important lessons: to be joyful, to be curious and ask questions, and to give lots of hugs! My hope is to eradicate the days of “children should be seen and not heard” as we help them create a world that is more fair, just, and kind than the one we grew up in.


Prior Experience

I have two years of classroom teaching experience in a class piano setting, and two additional years of experience teaching private music lessons. This year is the first year I get to actually do my dream job—teaching elementary general music!