Heather Garcia

Phone: (520)696-6665


Degrees and Certifications:

BA, University of Arizona (Major: English Minor: Psychology)

Heather Garcia

Hi, I am excited to begin the new year with you and give your students a place to challenge themselves and their reading skills.  I recently completed an assignment at Amphitheater High School teaching American Literature (Grade 11).  Prior to this I was working in the legal field, using my English background to read, write and research.  I am a Tucson native and attended Amphi schools as a child myself.  I am married and have two kids, both of whom attend Amphi schools.  I have a BA degree with a Major in English and a Minor in Psychology from The University of Arizona in 2008.  Prior to that I obtained an AA degree from Pima Community College.  

As you may have guessed, I love reading, especially historical fiction.  I hope that students will come to enjoy reading, but more importantly that they find value in what they read.  I love the “A-ha” moments that we have discovering meanings behind the words on a page.  I encourage students to discover connections between history and literature, the two are intertwined more than we realize.  I look forward to getting to know the students and helping them grow as readers.  

Outside of class, I enjoy cooking and baking.  My family and I also travel to Mexico a few times a year.  I am able to understand, speak, and write in Spanish (though I'm not a master at it).

As a student, I had many great teachers, but my high school German teacher, Frau Duisberg, at Amphi High had the greatest influence on me.  She always encouraged us to learn beyond the subject we were learning in the classroom.  I am forever grateful to her, and look to her for guidance and passion.  Her enthusiasm went beyond teaching us German, and as a result I learned more than the German language in her classroom.  I also had a great history teacher in 8th grade, Mr. Rowe, who formerly taught at Coronado.  These teachers were inspiring to me as a student, and continue to inspire me as an adult, even after all these years.