Ms. Kylie Borden

Phone: (520)269-6291


Degrees and Certifications:

BA: Elementary Education with 6-8 Math & 6-8 Language Arts MA: Effectiveness in Curriculum and Instruction

Ms. Kylie Borden

Classroom Phone Number: (520)696-6291




Office Hours: 

Monday/Thursday Periods 2, 4, 6, 8

Tuesday/Friday Periods 1, 5,

Wednesday Periods 2, 4, 5, 6, 8



Prior Experience:

 I was in Rio Rico, AZ for 10 years.  I have taught 6th grade math, 7th grade math, 6th grade social studies, 7th grade social studies, 7th grade science.  I have also been a Preschool-8th Grade Media Specialist with the library specials and computer specials/electives.


Why I'm committed to Amphi:

The students!  


Defining moment in my education:

Math has always been an all-time favorite of mine since I can remember.  I enjoy watching the lightbulbs going off when a student realizes that math is EVERYWHERE!


Why I teach at AMS:

Opportunity to get back into the classroom after being outside of the classroom for three years as a media specialist.  I missed being with students and AMS is giving me that opportunity to be back working with students.



My 1 year old daughter, running, reading (especially dystopias), gardening, exercising, soaking up the sun