Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Duran

Defining moment in my education was the realization that I am a first generation university graduate. That getting a Master's degree was just the beginning of all the great things that I can accomplish with or without the validation of others. Core education beliefs are my pedagogical skills and the ability that I possess to respect diversity, collaborate with others, and understand that learning is a life-long process. Why Amphi? I have a great connection with the community. I have been serving the AMS community for the last three years. I also believe that this community has great potential and if we all work together more, we are able to offer a better experience for all our students. They deserve it.

I am from Chicago and moved to Arizona in the fall of 2007.  I have worked in behavioral health and clinical services.  I also worked 6 years with English Language learners in the Sahuarita District.  I continued my education as an older adult and completed my Bachelor's degree at University of Phoenix with a Professional Certificate in  Family and Child Services.  Then I went on to complete my Master's degree in Secondary Education through the University of Arizona. I also have a Cosmetology license since 2009.  I am a hair stylist and enjoy cutting hair for my friends and family! 

I enjoy going to Arizona Town Hall meetings to learn more about Tucson and its communities.  The meetings are aimed to educate the public about the challenges in the city and to catalyze solutions that work for the community.

I believe that all students are teachable and great learners when a teacher has a passion and love for the profession and their students.  Building relationships is key to forming great teamwork between a teacher and a student.  Respect before rigor is key in a lot of situations.