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  • Janele Roche

    Name: Janele Roche

    Title: Athletic Trainer



    Favortie Quote:

    "Without ambition, one starts nothing. Without work, one finishes noting."-Ralph Waldo Emerson



  • Background:

    Growing up I played all sorts of sports; basketball, volleyball, tennis, track, and dance. Summers I'd water ski and tube on lakes...being active was life! When I was a senior in high school I know I wanted to be in health care, but didn't know what area.  The evening after a basketball game, I sat with my athletic trainer at the snack bar and he recommend I think about a career in athletic training. Little did he know, I'd come back to work for him just four years later. I got an undergraduate degree in Science majoring in Ahtletic Training from the University of Kansas.  I was in training with the men's basketball team, track and field and had a rotation with a high school.  After I graduated I worked overseas in Australia for a soccer team. Before coming to Amphi I worked at a small college in Mobile, Alabama, as well as two high schools.  I started at AHS in 2010 and have enjoyed being a Panther!



    Certified athletic trainer since 2006

    Corrective Exercise Specialist

    MLK Basketball Honoree

    State Champ in Basketball, Wrestling and Cheerleading as an Athletic Trainer

    Wife and Mother of three kids



  • What I Love about Athletic Training...

    I love athletes. They are hard workers, they have major ups and major downs. As an athletic trainer I get to see an athlete that goes from being down with an injury to rising above stronger after working along side them.  I've seen alot of crazy injuries, and all of those athletes came back from their injury not just stronger phyiscally, but mentally.  I feel honored to help others through sports medicine.