• Conversational Spanish 2022-20223

                         Room : 209                        Teacher: Guadalupe Garmon



    Course description:Conversational Spanish is a communicative and cultural base course, students will be introduced to basic conversation using speaking, reading, listening and writing  skills.

    Class expectations:

    Respect your teacher,and your classmates 

    Work hard

    Ask questions


    Work on vocabulary and be ready for every class!

    Supply list:



    2 dry erase markers

    2 yellow plastic folders


    50% tests, projects

    30% quizzes

    20% participation in class work.


    It is your responsibility to copy any notes you missed, you must make up missed tests and quizzes. You have 1 week from the time you return to school to do this.


    I have read the syllabus and understand all that is expected of me. I agree to organize my time, work diligently, and give my best effort to successfully complete the Conversational Spanish course. I agree to seek help from Maestra Garmon if there is something that I do not understand or I am struggling with.


    I’m looking forward to starting a new school year with you !