Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Education from Arizona State University, 2020

Ms. Holehan

Hello! I'm Ms. Holehan or Ms. H and this is my first year teaching dance and aerobics at Canyon del Oro High School and I'm so happy to be here! 


Defining Moment in Education

This is my second time being a Dorado after graduating from CDO. I was ecstatic to be hired as the dance teacher and experience a truly full circle moment. CDO was where I fell in love with dance as well as where I realized that I couldn't imagine doing anything but becoming a dance educator.  After High School Dance Experience Day at Arizona State, I decided to pursue a career in teaching dance and sharing my love of movement, choreography and dance history/theory with students. Dance Class was my safe place in high school, where I could be my truest self and express myself. I only hope to provide the same experience for my students.

Teaching Philosophy

I go into every day believing that I will learn as much from my students as they will learn from me. Knowledge is a never ending exchange.