Degrees and Certifications:

UW-Stevens Point, WI-Spanish Language La Autónoma De Guadalajara, Indigenous Studies Prescott College, AZ Education

Profe Rohrer


I am so thrilled to be a part of the family at Cross this year.  We are going to have a fun time learning Spanish. For nearly 30 years, I have taught Spanish 1, 2, 3 and 4 AP.  I was Department Chair for many years at Ironwood Ridge High school. I bring with me so many wonderful stories of travel, nature and of course Spanish.  I began my career in the Bay Area at a middle school for 2 years. Then I joined the Peace Corps where I trained teachers and taught classes in English on the islands of Cape Verde in West Africa. When Ironwood Ridge opened their doors in 2001, I helped get that school organized working with the district putting the curriculum together for everyone. Over the years, so many things have changed in teaching. My lesson plans will reflect the use of technology and also the fun traditional songs and activities that people have come to expect from a language course. My classroom is a safe place for all to learn.  There will be times of collaboration and times when students will work alone.  Every 2 weeks, students will have new seats so that they get to know everyone in the classroom.  My hope is that the students will fall in love with Spanish and have a positive experience with a new language. For Spanish 1 students, they will be well prepared for their high school experiences with Spanish at CDO or wherever they go on this planet. 

My moment of clarity happened in the 90's.  I used to work with special needs students and subbed in classrooms. One day, I was asked to cover a Spanish class for a sick teacher.  While I was in the classroom, someone from the Modern Language Department discovered me and asked me to long term teach for a teacher in the department. It felt like such an easy thing to breathing. So I taught native Spanish speaker courses and really enjoyed it all.  I had never thought of myself as a teacher nor considered the career. In the 90's, everything changed for me and my life snapped into focus. It has been a lot of fun and years later, I'm still teaching Spanish. The biggest reward is knowing that I have made a difference for thousands of students who still remember their time from those Spanish courses. Some met in Spanish class and are now married.  Some have gone on as Spanish teachers around the world. Some use their Spanish with other things like medical or engineering pursuits. I'm proud of the work I do and love it. 

If you are parent wondering what I could use in the classroom, I wouldn't mind Kleenex and hand sanitizer, but mostly Kleenex.  I have a sanitation table in the room where the students can go for tissues, etc.  And if you do, I thank you for your help.  

Also students will need a folder and a notebook.  The folder is for handouts and the notebook is for....notes:)

Beyond the job, I am a naturalist and guide for people coming to southeastern Arizona who want to see our wildlife.  I am a published wildlife photographer and lecturer for universities, etc about southeastern Arizona's birds. I also volunteer for Tucson Audubon doing work on the grasslands outside of the Tucson area.  It's all about Spanish, a few birds and shared cat stories(dogs are fine as well:) with some Portuguese tidbits.  My hope is that your kids come home singing the songs we learn and share the day's funny stories and also  what they've learned. 

If you have any questions, please email me OR give me a ring.  I will have access to it all the last week of July.  Right now they are setting up my computer and phone.  I look forward to meeting you all. 

My Courses

Spanish Sampler-the 9 week course for 6th graders

Spanish conversation-7th and 8th graders

Spanish 1(also potential high school credit)-8th graders