• Incoming 9th grade students from Wilson K-8 and Coronado K-8 were given Course Request Forms by IRHS counselors during visits to their schools in early February. If you have not submitted a Course Request Form for an incoming 9th grader, please send it immediately to your child's counselor or to the IRHS office directly. 

    Continuing IRHS students received Course Request Forms through their English classes the week of 2/26/24. Students should return these forms to their English teacher filled out and signed by parent/guardian no later than Friday, March 1st.

    Families newly enrolling at Ironwood Ridge should receive a copy of the appropriate form(s) in their email from the Registrar along with instructions on how and when to submit the form. For convenience, these forms have been provided here electronically and correspond to the grade students will be in NEXT school year.


    9th Grade Course Request

    10th Grade Course Request

    11th Grade Course Request

    12th Grade Course Request