Ms. Joy M. Ochoa

Phone: 520-696-6682


Degrees and Certifications:

Ed.S. Language, Reading and Culture- Administration M.A. Gifted Education B.A. Elementary Education Principal Certificate K-8 Teaching Certificate Gifted Specialist Endorsement Reading Specialist Endorsement English Lang Arts-Middle Grades Endorsement Structured English Immersion Endorsement Early Childhood Education Endorsement

Ms. Joy M. Ochoa


Welcome to 8th grade Humanities Reading and Writing. In my class, you will read and write, widely, across a variety of genres. I am a big believer in allowing curriculum to be driven by student choice, level, interest, and student-assessment data. My units and lessons will be differetiated for groups and individuals, allowing me to modify student products, processes, content and the classroom environment. Creative thinking is always encouraged in my classroom! The reading and writing courses are designed with the Humanities Framework in mind, and will take thinking to the level of formal logic and argument, an important aspect of the new Arizona State Standards. I look forward to meeting you!

Defining Moment in Education

I knew from a very early age, I wanted to become a teacher. I was turned-on to learning by many incredible educators, and equally turned-off by some very poor teachers. This led me to constantly consider the kind of teacher I'd become; but it wasn't until high school that I discovered what I valued in each truly great teachers. During my senior year of high school, I was dealt a personal tragedy, causing me to miss the third quarter of school. Upon my return, most teachers handed me a pile of overdue projects and tests, telling me to complete them as quickly as possible. But my Humanities English teacher sat me down and asked how I was, personally, managing. She told me, she already knew what kind of student I was and I needn't worry about completing the work I'd missed. She was giving me an A for the semester, and asked in return, I just to do my best to survive the remainder of the year. This teacher helped me realize that truly great teachers are not equal, they are fair; they are not driven by curriculum, but by individuals; and, they see beyond academics, to teach the whole-child. I knew this was the kind of teacher I wanted to be for my students.

Core Educational Belief

Educate, nurture and inspire every student, as enthusiastically and respectfully, as I would my own child.

Prior Experience

27 years as an Arizona Educator

K-12 Teacher, Assistant Principal, Gifted and Talented Program Facilitator, University Instructor, and Instructional Coach