Week of 3/30 to 4/3 School Closure Update:

    Please email me any questions or concerns at abonari@amphi.com.  I am available throughout the school day via email.

    I am able to take Zoom calls during your assigned class period following the regular bell schedule.  Just contact me to request a Zoom meeting!

    The most efficient way to have a test temporarily bypassed is to text, but you may email as well.

    Thank you and stay well!

    Dear Students and Parents,

    We sincerely hope this email finds you and yours healthy.

    As you know, Arizona schools will be closed until at least April 10th; your enrollment in the Intervention Lab, however, provides you the unique opportunity to continue working on your courses virtually uninterrupted.  Please continue working at home during the shut-down and text us for bypasses on your tests.  (Cell phone numbers were sent out in an email yesterday.  Please email one of us if you did not receive and we will resend.)

    Please remember that our cell numbers are to be used only to text a request for a bypass.  All other communication should be conducted via email.  Thank you so much for respecting that request!

    Thank you for your patience.  If you have any questions, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Ann Bonar (abonar@amphi.com) and Nina Godlewski (fgodlewski@amphi.com)


    CDO Intervention Lab

    What is the Intervention Lab?

    The Intervention Lab is designed to support CDO students in their English and mathematics curriculum. This support is two-fold:

    • Students who are at risk of failing an English or math class in which they are currently enrolled may be invited to move into the Intervention Lab. They would then have the opportunity to remediate missed instruction and assignments. By the end of the semester, students will show mastery of the curriculum and could potentially receive credit.
    • Students who have previously failed an English or math class may enroll in the Intervention Lab to remediate the missed credit. It is not necessary for the student to work the entire semester on the course; the student works at his/her own pace and is finished once mastery has been shown.




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