• Introduction to Theatre: An introduction to Pantomime, Monologues, Duet Scenes, Audition Technique, Improvisation, Theatre History and a 'Friends and Family' performance in the Spring.

    Intermediate Theatre: A more in-depth look at Playwriting, Directing, Acting Styles, Technical Theatre, Makeup, Dialect, Front of House and support of the upper level classes. The Intermediate performance is a touring show of the play they write from a children's book, which is the highlight of this course.

    Advanced Theatre: Three public performances; typically a comedy and a drama and the one-act competition piece for the Southern Arizona Festival of Theatre in January. Focus is on characterization, theatrical technique, exploration of various characters through physicalization. Students typcially assist Intro and Interm classes and continue Improvisation work in preparation for 'ComedySportz.'

    Symposium Theatre: 'Caught in the Act' is a completely student produced show where students write, cast, direct, act, and provide technical support for their shows. The Spring show is typically based on literature. Symposium performs 'ComedySportz,' based on the National ComedySportz model, four times a year. Symposium is responsible for the running of the CDO Theatre Dept. and oversees the Canyon Players Club which produces the musical and the talent show. The end of year Banquet is also a production of Symposium Theatre where students are inducted into the International Thespian Society.

    Technical Theatre I: An introduction to five basic areas of backstage: Costumes, Lighting, Props, Scenery, and Sound. Students complete projects both individually and as a group in these five areas. An introduction to Career and College Readiness standards also occurs during this course.

    Technical Theatre II: Assists Tech. I in their projects, completes show related projects and takes the Arizona Department of Education, Career and Technical Education Technical Theatre exam at the end of the year for completion of the course.

    Technical Theatre III: Designs and builds the musical as well as the more complicated scenery pieces for the various shows. Completes maintenance tasks associated with running a theatre.

    Technical Theatre Internship: Assists Director throughout the year with maintaining the various technical elements in the department.

    • Graphic Design I Yearbook: Students act as Journalists to document the school year by taking photos, creating story and captions for spreads in the Yearbook. Students use software to create the book and are issued cameras to photograph various events.

    Graphic Design II Yearbook: Students act as section editors on the book. They supervise students to ensure design, layout, grammar, spelling and appropriateness is followed for a high-quality book.

    Graphic Design III Yearbook: Typically the Senior Editor on the book. Each page is proofed by the editor before being sent for submission. The Editor organizes students to photograph various events.