Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Terri Cluff

I am an English teacher with Canyon del Oro High School.  I have both General Education and Special Education certifications.  I teach English 9 and 10, and I enjoy being in the classroom because I love the children, and I am enthusiastic about literature.  I am a voracious reader, and a published author.  I also enjoy teaching writing to struggling writers.  I am the parent of four children, and I feel that the best teachers are also parents themselves.  They can empathize with the parents of their students because they have been there.


The defining moment in my education was probably when I was in fourth grade, and I had a wonderful teacher.  I decided then that I wanted to be a teacher.  I waffled back and forth from being a teacher to other occupations for a number of years, but when I was in high school, I again had a few memorable teachers who inspired me to join them in the profession.  There was even a short period of time when I considered becoming a doctor, but I soon realized that my true calling in this life is to teach.  I'm still of that opinion.


My core educational beliefs are that every student is different, and every student learns differently from everyone else. 


My educational experience started with being a student myself.  I love being a student and learning new things.  Then I got into teaching swim lessons, coaching sports, teaching first aide, CPR and lifeguarding.  While I was completing my formal education, I did substitute teaching for four years in San Manuel.  I taught Special Education Language Arts at Cross Middle School for six years, and then I moved to CDO and started teaching English.  This is my thirteenth year at CDO.


My education has bounced around from school to school.  I have attended U of A, CAC, PCC, and NAU.  I finished my Bachelor's degree at NAU and then I got a Master's degree in Counseling at NAU, too.  I have continued my education with several classes at University of Phoenix.


To communicate with me: or 696-5686.