Alicia Drapkin

Phone: 520-696-5413


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry- Colorado College, Colorado Springs Masters in Secondary Education- University of Arizona, TEACH Arizona

Alicia Drapkin

Chemistry Teacher


Defining Moment in Education

    When I was in high school, I struggled for a long time trying to solve a certain type of calculus problem. After working on it for several days, I finally understood that particular type of integral and ended up really enjoying solving those problems. I learned from this experience the value of struggle in learning and how you don't have to be good at something right away to end up being successful in the end.

Core Educational Beliefs

    I believe that science education is crucial to students becoming empowered citizens who have the information and skills to make decisions about their lives, community, and government. All Students are capable of learning about and appreciating the natural world in general and the beauty of chemistry in particular. Studying chemistry not only gives students a better understanding for and appreciation of the laws of the universe but also logic, thinking, and math skills that can cross over into other aspects of their lives.

Prior Experience

    English as a Foreign Language Teacher , Anhui University of Technology, China