• Welcome to World History!


    Mr. Rossi                                       

    Email: Erossi@amphi.com

    Room: H304

    Phone: (520) 696-5690


    • Topics: This course is a freshman/sophomore level course that has no pre-requisites. Much like the World History course taken in middle school, we will cover a wide variety of topics over the course of modern history (1300-present). We will be using a different lens than used in other history courses, as we will be taking a much deeper dive into the topics below, and will be focusing on using evidence to argue how important events were to the overall history of the world and why we as a society view these events as important.  This argumentation will be done both verbally and in writing so be prepared to interact with the information to the best of your abilities.  Below is the basic outline we will follow.


    1st Semester

    • Pre-History/Prep Unit Unit will take approximately 3 weeks
    • Religions of the World Unit will take approximately 4 weeks
    • The Renaissance Unit will take approximately 2 weeks
    • Exploration Unit will take approximately 2 weeks
    • The Enlightenment Unit will take approximately 4 weeks
    • Revolutions & Final Unit will take approximately 3 weeks


    2nd Semester

    • Imperialism and WWI Unit will take approximately 3 weeks
    • WWII Unit will take approximately 3 weeks
    • The Cold War Unit will take approximately 3 weeks
    • Independence Movements Unit will take approximately 3 weeks
    • Modern Middle East & Asia Unit will take approximately 3 weeks
    • Modern History & Final Unit will take approximately 3 weeks


    • Classroom Rules and Expectations: In this class, you will be required to follow only a few simple rules. The rules that all entrants into the class have to follow are:
      • Headphones out and away
      • Be prepared, be on time, be respectful, and participate.
      • Speak and act respectfully towards one another at all times.
      • Discuss and argue points in a respectful adult manner.
      • Phones are put away until given opportunity to use them. If you are unable to control yourself, device will be given up for the remainder of the class and your parents will be notified of the issue.
      • Enjoy your time in class and bring forth any suggestions you may have to make your learning experience better (this is not just my class but yours as well, so don’t be afraid to bring up any comments, questions or concerns).


    • Corrective Action for Behavior:
    1. Warning
    2. Conference (Student/Teacher)
    3. Referral/Parent-teacher conference/principal conference


    • Materials Needed:
      • 3 Ring binder or organizer.
      • Writing utensils (pens or pencils). Highlighters, colored pencils, and other items will be available in class.
      • Lined paper.


    • Absence and Tardy Policies:
      • Tardies: Any student that comes in after the tardy bell has rung is tardy and needs to come in as quietly as possible and join in on the activity in progress. Any homework due that day can be turned in at the end of class.
      • Absences: If you miss a day, please check with your classmates, Schoology ™ or on the calendar in the room for missed work. You will have the same number of days missed to make up the work (meaning if you missed 2 days, you will have 2 days past the original due date to complete the work) if class work, or one week if a project/homework. You are expected to ask any clarifying questions as needed to get the work completed correctly.


    • Grades, grades, and more grades:
      • Tests/Papers: Tests and papers will be worth 30% of your overall grade.
      • Assignments: DBQs, Project Based Learning Assignments, etc. These will comprise 30% of your overall grade.
      • Homework: Assignments specifically given to be done outside of class (e.g. readings, notes). 10% of your overall grade.
      • Final Exams: Given after the completion of the semesters curriculum, these tests/projects will be worth 15% of your overall grade.
      • Overall Grades: Overall grades will be calculated within Tyler using these weighted percentages (per the History Dept).  Extra credit will be available and grades will be kept up to date within 48 hours of an assignment being turned in.


    • Grade Scale
      • A= 100%-90%
      • B= 89%-80%
      • C= 79%-70%
      • D= 69%-60%
      • F= 59%-0%


    • Need Help?: Ask! Immediately! If not in class, email me any questions you may have and I will answer them as soon as I can.


    • Plagiarized Work: Based on our class and school honor code, any instances of plagiarizing or cheating will result in a failure of the assignment, parent contact, and a referral.