• New Fillable, Savable, and Printable Packets.

    Best used with Adobe Acrobat(click for installation).
    McAfee is not required. Click 'Download Acrobat Reader' to install.

    1) Download the Packets.
    2) Change the file name to the Student's Name(optional)
    3) Open the file and fill in all the Typable Sections (can be saved and continued another time if needed)
    4) When finished, please select File and Save As.
    5) Please email it to: bpapajohn@amphi.com


    Please ignore the 'Email' button at the top right of the PDF file until updated. This works well if you open the files with Adobe Acrobat.

    Kinder Registration Form - One Packet for all forms (updated on 2 April 2020)

    Returning Registration Form- RETURNING Students Packet (updated on 2 April 2020)

    New Student Form - NEW Students Packet (updated on 2 April 2020)



    Note: If you are having an issue filling the fields in, scroll down to the bottom of the form. This will open up fields to type in.

    If you need any assistance in completing these forms, Painted Sky's registrar, Christine Fimbres, will gladly assist you. Contact Christine at cfimbres@amphi.com or (520) 696-3859.