• Course Outline: classroom expectations, rules, grading and attendance policies, required materials, etc.

    Course Outline Agreement: Signature page for students and parents, includes students' home contact information.

    Algebra 1 is a critical course that provides the foundation for high school and post-secondary mathematics. The tentative order for units of study is shown below.

    • Unit 1: Real Numbers and Introduction to Functions
    • Unit 2: Linear Inequalities
    • Unit 3: Linear Functions
    • Unit 4: Sequences
    • Unit 5: Exponential Functions
    • Unit 6: Systems of Equations/Inequalities
    • Unit 7: Quadratic Functions
    • Unit 8: Polynomials
    • Unit 9: Solving Quadratic Equations

    Content pacing is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching.  The attachment below is a tentative outline of all the topics we will learn during the school year, and when we will learn them.

    Algebra 1 Scope & Sequence

    Required Materials (once in-person learning resumes)

    • Binder (school requirement)
    • Interactive notebook (inexpensive 3-ring organizer or folder for just this course)
    • cheap single-subject notebook
    • Loose-leaf paper
    • Dry erase marker
    • Pencils/erasers
    • Highlighter

    Recommended materials

    • TI-84 Graphing Calculator
    • colored pencils